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    hilde marstrander på «Mote mot Pels» lanseres i…
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Norway bans fur on the catwalk – all articles here!

Norway is the world’s first country to ban fur on the catwalks, starting with Oslo Fashion Week 2011. The news was released on 8.th. of December 2010.

The initiative is a collaboration between the group «Mote mot Pels» (Fashion against Fur), with hundreds of signatures from models, designers, photographers, stylists and editors refusing to work with fur, due to animal rights and ethical concerns.
Read every article & find every link on the subject «fur free Oslo Fashion Week» and «Mote mot Pels» here.

In English:

Media coverage (in Norwegian):

Blogs/news in other languages:

Visit «Mote mot Pels»/Fashion against Fur (in Norwegian):

Other useful links:

Pro-fur from the fur trade industry (in Norwegian):

Pro-fur blog (in Norwegian):


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