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Famous people born on this date – What, me??? ;-D)

Stumbled upon my own name on the webpage  On this day in Fashion. They’ve included my name as an example on people born on the 8.th of December.

I just had birthday  (and it was great due to the launch of THIS and THIS + good wine with a good friend), so they’re right, except the birth year is incorrect. Really doesn’t matter. It was very funny to see my own name listed, alongside names like Jim Morrison and Kim Basinger. I didn’t even know we had the same birthday.

Here’s what the page write about us people born on the 8.th. of December:

It is well known in Swami circles that people born on this day are ideas people. You have the entrepreneurial spirit, but occasionally lack the business sense to get your ideas off the ground and running. I’m here to tell you that it is time to fake it until you make it. The universe is very supportive of creativity and risk right now, and I feel certain that this is your year to put your best foot forward.

So I am going to do my best to put my best foot forward the last two weeks of the year. And I’m gonna read up on Swami circles and better my business plans. Meanwhile, (some of) my ideas are for sale as normal ;-)