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Isabella Blow’s fashion treasures for sale

Famous fashion Stylist and Editor Isabella Blow ended her own life i 2007 by drinking weed-killer. Now, her famous wardrobe is scheduled to go under the hammer at Christie’s auction house i London in September.

Isabella is famous for her extravagant hat creations from millener of the stars, Philip Treacy, and was the apple of the eye (and sometimes thorn in his side) of Alexander McQueen, after buying his entire final collection for 5 000 GBP after his debut show. Alexander McQueen took his own life earlier this year under tragic circumstances. The two  fashionistas are hopefully now in heaven looking down at the painfully unfashionable over glass of champagne, thinking: OMG, HE/SHE DID NOOOT WEAR THAT!

The New York Times reports that the Christie’s collection will include over 90 McQueen outfits, shoes from Manolo Blahnik, and 50 Philip Treacy hats. I’ve searched the web, and think THIS is the auction in question: September. 15. 10:30 AM. SALE 5470|London, South Kensington |Single Owner Fashion SaleI’ve made a little slide over her more memorable outfits, some of it might well turn up in the auction. I remember being on many of the same shows as her when I lived in London and also as a Fashion Editor in ELLE Norway. She was quite a character! I loved her brave approach to clothes and accessories! Enjoy!


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