Lady Gaga as The Apprentice?

Lady Gaga has recently applied for a summer internship at the famous London milliner Philip Treacy, known for his absurd creations for world famous stylist Isabella Blow. Just to show Gaga is serious – and hasn’t gone all gaga (dabadaboom!) – the Lady has submitted her resume to Treacy, as part of her bid to intern for him this summer. She has agreed to accept apprentice salary. Meaning… ehrm.. round about nothing. The internship is said to be for one month.

Just to remind you all, Chanel is one other famous designer who started her career as a hat maker. She did, however, do hats for more than one month before she made her name in the fashion word. But then again, she didn’t have a backgound as a world-famous trendsetter before she started up. I’m pretty sure Gaga’ll jump the line on this one, don’t you?

Gaga has always had a schnozz for fashion.

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