Muslim Miss USA works the strip-pole

The past days we have been bombarded with headlines about the new Miss USA. For the first time a Muslim girl won the American crown. But as with most Miss USAs, she too has a history…

Because now, some old photos emerge of her, working the strip pole like a pro…

Miss Behavin’: Rima Fakih doesn’t hold back in the 2007 stripper event at a gentlemans club «all-female night» in Detroit.

Seems like there’s no Miss-title without a little mis-behavin’, no matter what country, color or religious background. Last year’s winner Carrie Prejean was stripped off  her title after it emerged  she had made a sex tape – and she also made some prejudice comments about gay marriages. In 2006 Tara Conner, 20, admitted to taking drugs and underage drinking. This year, the first Muslim Miss USA turns out to to have a strip history.

Islam disapproves of women showing their bodies in public, nevertheless Fakih’s parents encouraged her to enter Miss America. But is the strip show really worse than the swimsuit competition?

The stunning Libanese-born Rima Fahik, Miss USA 2010, said to have knew she was to win the crown, when Donald Trump gave her that «Apprentice-look», according to several media sources. Perhaps he gave her the «You’re hired!»-look, for quite some other reason. Maybe he had already seen the 3-year old snaps of Rima Fahik grinding the strip-pole? Some photos show her sliding down the pole, others with her bra stuffed with dollar bills.

Oh, BTW, she won that contest, too!


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  1. If only more people could hear this.

  2. I just came across this blog and found it very interesting indeed.Thanks for sharing.

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