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Shellsuit voted worst fashion disaster of the 1980s

Reynolds in a track-suit in a poster from 1981. Break-dancers and trailer-trash were also fans.

76% of British women have voted the Shellsuit as the worst fashion fad of the 80s. They were followed by spandex leggings at 39% and permed hair at 36%.

The new research, commissioned by the retro chocolate brand Galaxy Counters, also showed that more than 30% of women passionately hate Day Glo make-up and stirrup trousers (strekkbukser). Crimped hair and fingerless lace gloves à la Madonna and Cyndi Lauper also ranked among the top ten disasters.

In contrast, 32%voted stone-washed denim the best trend of the 1980s, followed by Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses at 27% and leg warmers by 17%. Flashdance-type dancewear was voted best by 11 per cent.

It is interesting to note that both stone washed denim – most notably the washed-out denim jacket – as well as nostalgic Ray Bans and dance-wear in the shape of oversized tee’s and leggings are all in fashion for the spring/summer of 2010.

The study coincides with the relaunch of the disc-shaped Galaxy Counters chocolate, which was last seen in the 1980s :-)


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