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Claudia Schiffer does a Demi.

Let’s face it… Germany has never been the leading horse when it comes to fashion :-) Ecology, healty eating and green architecture… YES!

I salute them for that, nobody does it better. But their fashion magazine covers, their makeup, their clothes, their self-rinsing body hair policy and their extra-wide comfortable shoes – which turn into small pine trees if you leave them in a pot and water them regularly – will always be a pimple on Europe’s fashionable behind. Thought there are a few honorable exceptions, more precisely Karl and Jil. For now, we’ll give Boss a miss ;-)

2B or not to BB

Ex-supermodel Claudia Schiffer, rose to fame in the early nineties as the new Brigitte Bardot, which goes to prove that even in the golden age of supermodels, the Germans were 30 years too late. Now, they are catching up. Ex-supermodel Claudia is only 19 years too late in this shot, copying current super-MILF Demi Moore’s preggy-shot from 1991.

Oh no, she didn’t

I have always thought Claudia is super-beautiful, but at the same time she never had any real sense of personal style.

The biggest bad about this photo is so obvious, though. Why people wanna be on the cover of a glamazone magazine looking like THAT is beyond me. It’s like… you never looked ANY WORSE in your life, it COULD NOT be more unflattering and UNSEXY, it is SOOO out of fashion, and you look more AWKWARD than ever before.

So, I’ve given her a snip, and corrected the BIG mistake!!!!

There you go… MUCH better! :-))

Out with a (/the) bang, and all pretty again.

Claudia, 39, is (at least) 19 years behind with this generic German Vogue Cover for June 2010. Demi Moore started the pregnant cover-shoot trend on the cover of Vanity Fair in 1991, shot by Annie Leibovitz. Other celebs «doing a Demi» Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Lisa Marie Presley. All had pretty hair on their respective covers ;-)

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